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FINAL LOGO- full logo.png
FINAL LOGO- full logo.png

about us

Spacebar Design embarks on a visionary journey to redefine the essence of design.
We wholeheartedly embrace authenticity, drawing inspiration from the unique context of each project.

Beyond mere aesthetics, we believe design is a powerful blend of artistry and functionality.  
With meticulous care, we shape every project to reflect your distinctive vision.

meet the team


Jayelle Choo

"always aspire to inspire in ways that add value to the experience"


Shao Jie

"breathe life into spaces"


Alex Chua

"the first intention of doing something has to be joy"

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-07 at 3.02.32 PM.jpeg

Jun Wei

"details make design"


Chris Chew

"embrace the past, cultivate the present, and venture into the future"


Zoe Goh

"take heart in what you create, relish in its beauty"

Meng Xuan.JPG

Meng Xuan

"enjoy every second of the journey, take pride and learn in the process"

Yuen Ting.jpg

Yuen Ting

"don't wait for inspiration"

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