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Hundred Grains

Brand Identity, Copywriting, and Naming

Hundred Grains is a Chinese restaurant that offers the freedom of choice with 40 to 60 unforgettable offerings of a myriad of taste profiles hailing from Sichuan, Hunan, and Guangdong. From light and comforting to bold and fiery, it makes sure that one will not need to go with the flow.

Interconnection is the main focus due to the three separate Chinese provinces that the brand's dishes originate from and how they are brought to Singapore for more to enjoy and experience. Part of the logo references simple road maps of busy cities taken from an aerial view.

The name '百米香' (bǎi mǐ xiāng) depicts food so fragrant that its scent can be caught 100 meters (米) away. The same word '米' also refers to 'rice', thereby giving the name a dual meaning since the majority of the dishes served at the establishment is consumed together with a hearty bowl of rice.

The words '百米' (bǎi mǐ) can also be taken to mean the distance that this restaurant has travelled - from China to Singapore - in order to serve the locals here.

Revision 1_Hundred Grains_Brand Deck_Artboard 8.jpg

With a focus in the wide variety of dishes available, the tagline, "Find what you are craving every time", suggests that cravings will be satisfied at every visit and that every diner will turn into returning customers.

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