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Orh Gao Taproom FB Photo.jpg

Orh Gao Taproom

Logo Redesign

‘Orh Gao’ or ‘黑狗’ (hēi gǒu) is a Singaporean Hokkien moniker for stout beer that is frequently used in local kopitiam (traditional Singaporean coffee shops) settings. Orh Gao Taproom is a celebration of Singapore's coffee shop heritage and it aspires to revive the heartwarming ‘kampung’ atmosphere and the neighbourly vibes.


In the day, Orh Gao Taproom is a lively, traditional kopitiam where one can start their day with a warm cup of coffee and toast. At night, it turns into a bustling, yet cosy bar.

The old, Japanese-inspired logo (above) was given a refresh while maintaining the brand's retro and oriental visual identity, as well as the wolf motif.

The logo is made modern with a more masculine and weathered appearance that goes hand-in-hand with the general perception of stout.

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