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25 High Park Residences

meaningful modern minimalist design

Playing on the client's name, Nicholas, Niche House was created to reflect his heart and soul, as well as to provide a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a minimalist theme in mind, this cosy apartment strikes a fine balance between the use of black and light wood that helps reset the mind. 

A black niche was embedded in the wall of the long foyer as a symbol of power and rejuvenation and doubles as a resting place for the owner after his journey back home. A niche was also included in the ceiling of the master bedroom as a means of accentuating the lighting and cosy mood of the room. With the same cosy ambience, the guest room has a niche shelf that effectively hides away one's personal belongings while still adhering to the concept of this Niche House.

Rooot_Niche_Living 3.jpg
Rooot_Niche_Close up.jpg
Rooot_Niche_Close up 2.jpg
Rooot_Niche_closeup 5.jpg
Rooot_Niche_closeup 4.jpg
Rooot_Niche_Dining 3.jpg
Rooot_Niche_Close up 3.jpg
Rooot_Niche_bedroom 2.jpg
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