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31 High Park Residences

door after door; surprise after surprise

For some, making the transition from one comfort zone to another can be highly daunting. But in the case of Highpark, this task is made simply by making the common area look as cosy and inviting as it can be, especially for a homeowner who prefers spending time lounging in the living and dining rooms. 

With this sole intention in mind, a soft and light colour palette was picked for this intimate condominium unit. The many rooms of this apartment are shrouded from view and each push of the grooved walls will lead one to a completely different room. A different surprise waits behind each door - just like the eponymous character of the famed novel, Alice in Wonderland, who started off her adventure opening doors one by one, experiencing surprise after surprise. 

Wonderland_Storage door 2.jpg
Wonderland_Storage door 4.jpg
wonderland_Door 1.gif
wonderland_Door 2.gif
Wonderland_Living 4.jpg
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