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a meaningful celebration of all that is imperfect

In the flurry of picture-perfect homes where nothing strays from its place is a walk-up apartment that rejects the notion of perfection. Home to a young couple, this flat celebrates the raw, natural beauty of the materials used to construct it.


A distinctive structural column stripped of its paint and plaster is left exposed and welcomed like a valuable artwork in a gallery. Only walls that were essential remain, leaving only grand, dark wood veneer sliding doors separating the private rooms from the expansive social area. In spots not taken over by the warm grey microcement floor and its matching limewash walls are identically coloured veneer fixtures that gently gleam when light hits, lending contrast to the soft base palette.


The apartment may be clad in dark colours but it is one that is far from being rigid or formal. It is a creative expression of the homeowners’ values and way of life, making it far more meaningful and heartwarming.

Monosquare -  45 Kim Cheng Street - 6.jpg
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