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where light meets magic and science

Alchemist's new flagship store marks their first foray into a brick-and-mortar cafe that includes an in-house roastery as well as dine-in tables and chairs. Many of their coffee outposts are designed to place all emphasis on their coffee. The design of their flagship echoes this same motto with its modern and fuss-free ornaments while also harking back to the history of the building through the use of Peranakan floor tiles and various 90s-inspired furniture. 


The bar counter is, indubitably, the mainstay of the iconic triangle-shaped unit. Directly above the counter are black hanging lights that seem to outline the unique shape of the counter, creating further visual impact for the centrepiece of the cafe. Thin gold-plated rod and pendant lights and the rich scent of roasted coffee beans greet you a mere few stops from the entrance where the large coffee bar counter, fashioned after a science lab.

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