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conceptual art meets malt beer

Armed with tongue-in-cheek humour and a sleek storefront, AMLT plays on the word 'malt', the base ingredient for brewing beer and is the acronym of 'ang moh liang teh', a Singapore-Chinese slang for beer that directly translates to 'Caucasian herbal tea'. The logo of AMLT evokes images of water with its strong, dark zigzag design and in the context of the brand's beer business, it is an invitation for customers to join them in the "beer pool" for a quick "swim", or rather, a quick drink of a pint of beer.


Reiterating the imagery of a pool is the interior that is made up of high gloss darkening cement flooring coupled with glossy black mosaic tiles that are almost water-like, and a custom-made cement cast countertop to allow the bar to stand out from the typical industrial-styled bar that is so commonly seen throughout the island. The interior is meant to be a subtle nod to modern swimming pools with the black representing the pool itself while the hanging lightbulbs symbolise the foam that tops the beer to pique the interest of passers-by.

AMLT _Bar 2.jpg
AMLT _Bar 1.jpg
AMLT _Outdoor Seating Area 3.jpg
AMLT _Seating Area 1.jpg
AMLT _Bar Detail 2.jpg
AMLT_Bar 3.jpg
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