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a tangible interpretation of the future of technology

Being a company that unlocks the potential of blockchains and Web3, it is only natural for the space to reflect the future of technology. At a glance, the office is bright and welcoming, with futuristic elements and NFT displays scattered throughout. Curved walkways and rooms lend the space a sense of movement and flow, coming together to form a physical neutral network.


Most surfaces are made of reflective materials, such as glass or marble, to lend the space a more modern aesthetic and to add contrast. The way light bounces off these surfaces reminds one of a lightbulb moment where ideas are born — perfectly apt for a company that invests in groundbreaking ideas. In contrast to the glossy sheen of the interior, there hides a secret rooftop garden where one can ease off with the grand sight of the Tanjong Pagar port.

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