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Brand Identity, Interior, and Naming

Inspired by a royal Thai recipe book and their chef's modern cooking techniques, hue serves Thai dishes that are savoury and artful, yet retains the rich cultural elements of Thai cuisine.

hue prides itself on being a lifestyle destination that redefines the modern Thai dining experience with its simple tweaks and unique twists.


The logo's typography is created by intertwining the three letters in the name. It represents a close-knit Thai community where people are always warm and friendly. The letter 'e' is symbolic of the elephant which is the official national animal of Thailand.

The restaurant name, 'hue', is derived from the Thai word 'หิว' (pronounced 'hiu') which means 'hungry'. It is also defined as 'a colour or a shade' and goes perfectly along with their aim to inject vibrancy and creativity to the monotonous and traditional Thai food scene in Singapore so guests can dine and socialise in an enjoyable and refreshing setting.

In Thailand, there is an astrological rule that assigns a colour to each day of the week and every colour represents a blessing from the gods.

Drawing inspiration from this ancient custom, the brand was designed to reflect a colour each day with blue, purple, and orange as its core colours.

Graphics are bold and colourful. Gradients are used liberally in their collateral designs, such as on drink coasters and their name cards.

Neat, sans-serif fonts are the main fonts of the brand. Their clean lines complement the complex graphics of the brand.

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