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Brand Identity, Interior, Copywriting, and Naming

At numb, mind-numbingly good food goes hand-in-hand with booze that relaxes and delights. Think fun, specially created fusion dishes with a powerful Sichuan kick that finely balances the tastes of numbness and spice, washed down with a hearty glug of specially crafted alcoholic beverages for a pleasant buzz.


It is the happiest place around for those who love the heat and that distinct Sichuan numbing sensation!


The letter 'm' in the brand name can be viewed as it is or as the Chinese character '川' in Sichuan (四川) in a brush-styled Mandarin font that is traditional, yet classy. It also stands for 麻 (má), taken from the Chinese term 麻辣 (má là), which means ‘numb’ and is a Mandarin term for being tipsy in China.

Red represents the spice factor that Sichuan cuisine is well-known for while the dark grey represents the modern and timeless establishment that the restaurant is.

Numb Tagline.jpg

The tagline emphasises on the numbing quality of the food at numb, and refers to it as an additional category to the existing five basic tastes comprising of sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, sourness, and umami that people need to try.


It is more than a taste or flavour. It is an experience.

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