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a visual and gastronomic adventure to Sichuan

Located in Marina One, Numb offers traditional Sichuan dishes with a contemporary twist. The restaurant’s design not only takes reference from Chinese culture and the fiery and bold flavours of its cuisine but also draws inspiration from the geology of Sichuan.


The space is refreshed with vibrant shades of red, brown, and pink, and is split into four zones. One such zone is the cylindrical showcase located at the heart of the establishment. It is the connection between the aforementioned zones and where the live station and bar are. The inspiration is subtly reiterated through the curved walls, topographic map-like ceiling, and the winding cement screed path that runs through the space like a gentle river.


While the design is inherently modern, parts of the restaurant still exude a rustic charm, especially through its weathered stone veneer walls. A clear homage to the centuries-long history and tradition of the cuisine it serves.

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麻 (ma), taken from the Chinese term 麻 辣 (ma la), means 'numb'. It is the unique numbing sensation of Sichuan peppercorns that adds to the five basic tastes. At Numb, we make mouth-numbingly good fusion food with Sichuan spices that will make you crave for more.

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