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Yeast Side

Brand Identity and Interior

Bakery by day, local watering hole by night. Yeast Side focuses on bakes and coffee in the daytime but transforms into a pub selling with twelve frequently rotating craft beers and hand-stretched pizzas after 5pm.

The logo is a mix of a pizza board and a beer bottle and the combination immediately conveys the brand's focus on pizza and craft beers. Additionally, it is also distinctive, instantly recognisable, and memorable.


Windows and a door are incorporated into the logo as well in order to evoke the feelings of Yeast Side being a cosy home made of comfort, relaxation, and good times.

Texts are written in a handwritten font that conveys the playfulness and casual setting of the brand. It communicates a sense of fun, friendliness, and happiness; inviting customers in to have the enjoyable and laid-back dining experience they deserve after a long day.

The brand colours are black and white with some yellow injected for a bit of sunshine. Yellow brings about a sense of positivity and happiness while also being welcoming, reflecting the inviting environment of the establishment.

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