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Yeast  Side

a quick tropical getaway to the west

An experimental food venture that fuses the business owners' love of gastronomy and mixology. Yeast Side is a cosy, double-storey space encased in panels of clear glass and slabs of concrete. The first floor features a cement screed bar counter with white seats that allow patrons to get a quick peek of the kitchen whilst enjoying a pint of ice-cold beer to cool themselves down. At the end of the staircase on the second floor is a comfortable dining area where a small enclosed frosted glass area with artificial plants can be found. 


The soft, warm glow that emanates from the bakery and craft beer joint allows it to stand out from the neighbouring shops along the same stretch while its urban tropical theme is sure to transport you to the modern and sophisticated beach resort area of Seminyak, Bali. 

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Yeast Side is a bakery cafe that focuses on bakes and coffee during the day. In the evening, it transforms into a cosy corner for craft beers and hand-stretched sourdough pizzas The logo is inspired by the shape of a beer and pizza peel with the concept of a house, emphasizing the specialities of Yeast Side and its vision of wanting their customers to be comfortable and enjoy their time here.

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