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Chengdu Bowl

a physical proclamation of love to Chengdu, Sichuan

As a restaurant that serves up authentic Sichuan cuisine, Chengdu Bowl’s flagship store needed a makeover that strongly echoed its rich heritage. The new look was a refresh in every sense of the word.


The interior pays homage to Sichuan’s captivating landscape, deep valleys, and ever-flowing rivers. Rounded corners and shapes reminiscent of backlit Sichuan mountains can be spotted wherever one looks, specifically at the coffee pick-up point. Textured glass blocks mark the perimeter of the space while reflecting dancing flecks of light when the sun hits it as it rises and sets, not unlike the undulating rivers of Sichuan.


Farther in, observant Chinese speakers will notice a glass door with a design that brings to mind the Chinese character ‘川’ (chuān). Undoubtedly a last tribute to the owners’ beloved homeland.

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