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Fit Bloc

a design-centric space that balances form and functionality

Whoever said exercise could not possibly be fun has never ventured into the world of rock climbing. Designed with fun and vibrancy at its core, Fit Bloc’s latest bouldering gym at Depot Height features vivid colours and strong shapes. They are not only evident in the equipment but also along the floor, walls, and ceiling. Pathways are marked off with different colours, parts of the walls have exposed bricks, the beams are flush with a deep shade of terracotta, and the toilets each have their own colour palette — a light and dark palette for the women’s and men’s bathrooms respectively. 


Having a colourful space is not the only upside. The gym was designed to be spacious as well. Rock climbing walls that customarily border the entire perimeter of gyms only take up a quarter of the space, with bouldering islands strategically placed around the area to maximise space and to provide climbers with some privacy.

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