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living by a soothing waterfall of light

Designed for a big family, this semi-detached house was refreshed and fashioned to be a tropical oasis amidst the fast-paced metropolis that is Singapore. It is a refuge where a relaxing ambience takes charge and time slows down.


As one steps into the home, they are greeted by the natural light that permeates every floor of the home through the skylight that sits in the middle of the space. It is captivating and soothing — an effect similar to the repetitive yet comforting motions of a deep, cascading waterfall. The skylight is paired with a fluted wooden panel wall that only adds to the imagery.


The rest of the home is furnished in neutral tones and light wood to provide comfort, warmth, and a visual reset from external stimuli. Of particular note is the antique rosewood furniture resting along the outdoor patio decorated with bamboo chick blinds, exuding a feeling of peaceful serenity.

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