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Sky Pavillion

basking in all the best luxuries life offers

Boasting ample space and a panoramic view of the city, this top-floor penthouse is the embodiment of contemporary luxury. It paints this picture through its use of materials and clean aesthetic aided by the clever manipulation of natural light that shines in freely.


Incorporating reflective surfaces that bounce light off to form the illusion of a vast, endless space; as well as flamboyant patterns in neutral but welcoming shades, the open-plan communal area forms a bold and grand first impression. Lavish marble tiles and a sintered stone bar laid against a dark wood veneer backdrop occupy much of the space and set the tone for the rest of the home.


The master bedroom is similarly furnished with marble and glass that beautifully elevates its functionality and expansiveness. The bathroom emulates a high-end spa with its freestanding tub and large format faux travertine tiles that line its walls — the perfect spot for the glamourous homeowners to end their day.

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