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Sol Acres

living large in a small space

In most people's minds, the ideal home is almost always to have a space that allows them to rest and rejuvenate, and to be able to partake in activities they love. In the case of Sol Acres, the owners wanted a place to reflect their multifaceted lifestyle where they can sew, exercise, cook, play games and music, and unleash their creative side whenever they wish.

Walls were hacked down and replaced with both sliding and foldable glass doors to create a sense of openness to visually connect the different spaces together and for flexibility in the arrangement of the home. The kitchen boasts an open concept with a custom-made kitchen counter that partially extends out to the living room providing a platform for the owners to display their impeccable culinary skills. The entry to rooms is hidden from view to maximise the use of space in this multifunctional home and to include an element of surprise. Despite the openness of this place, it is still very much a refuge for the owners. 

Rooot_Huddle Cuddle_entrance.jpg
Rooot_Huddle Cuddle_Living 5.jpg
Rooot_Huddle Cuddle_Living.jpg
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Rooot_Huddle Cuddle_Living 4.jpg
Rooot_Huddle Cuddle_Living 2.jpg
Rooot_Huddle Cuddle_Living 1.jpg
Rooot_Huddle Cuddle_Kitchen,Dining.jpg
Rooot_Huddle Cuddle_Kitchen,Dining 2.jpg
Rooot_Huddle Cuddle_Study 11.jpg
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