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Yeast Side @ Uptown Farrer

adding spunk through cheery colours and snazzy shapes

Bakery by day, bar by night. Yeast Side’s new storefront located on the ground floor provides the added advantage of a glass facade decked with vinyl stickers of the brand name emblazoned in bright, cheery yellow that attracts attention in the best way possible.


The bulk of the space is dedicated to the stainless steel kitchen where customers can marvel at the intricacies of bread and pizza-making with the knowledge that their food is made fresh.


With the kitchen evoking images of well-oiled machines in a factory, the remainder of the space is designed with an industrial theme in mind. It uses cement screed as the core material with various graffiti-inspired works scattered about. Such as the graffiti-covered glow-in-the-dark artwork that serves as the background for their craft beer taps and the organically-shaped light fixture that changes colour according to the time of day.

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